Dr. Rahul Sharma
Advanced Quasiparticle Interference Imaging for Complex Superconductors (download - 7.11MB)
Dr. Yi Xue Chong
Visualizing Quantum Anomalous Hall States at the Atomic Scale With STM Landau Level Spectroscopy (download - 16.8MB)
Dr. Sanghyun Joo
Scanning Josephson Tunneling Microscopy on High-TC Superconductors (download - 5.1MB)
Dr. Ritika Dusad
Magnetic monopole noise (download - 28.1MB)
Dr. Andrey Kostin
STM imaing of strong orbital-selective correlations in FeSe (download - 8.1MB)
Dr. Peter Sprau
Discovery of orbital selective Cooper pairing in FeSe (download - 20.7MB)
Dr. Stephen Edkins
Visualising the Charge and Cooper Pair Density Waves in Cuprates (download - 7.7MB)
Dr. Ethan Kassner
A Supercooled Magnetic Liquid State in the Frustrated Pyrochlore Dy2Ti2O7 (download - 8.7MB)
Dr. Inês Firmo
Understanding unconventional superconductors: on the origin of Cooper pairing in Sr2RuO4
and the broken symmetries in the pseudogap regime of the cuprates (download - 151MB)
Dr. Vikram Gadagkar
Origin of the inertial anomaly in solid Helium-4: dislocation dymanics versus superfluidity
(download - 38MB)
Dr. Chung Koo Kim
Complementary visualization of the pseudogap states in Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+δ : SI-STM study in real and momentum space
(to be available on-line soon)
Dr. Mohammad H. Hamidian
Imaging the Realm of the Strongly Correlated: Visualizing the Formation of Heavy Fermions and the Impact of Kondo Holes in URu2Si2
(download - 16MB)
Dr. Milan Allan
The Electronic Structure of the Nematic Materials Sr3Ru2O7 and Ca(CoxFe1-x)2As2 (download - 35MB)
Dr. Ethan Pratt
Superglass Dynamics of Solid Helium (download - 26MB)
Dr. Benjamin Hunt
Relaxation Dynamics of Solid Helium-4 (download - 7MB)
Dr. Andy Schmidt
Quasiparticle interference and the impact of strong correlations on high temperature superconductivity
(download - 16MB)
Dr. Miao "Alfred" Wang
Atomic resolution d2I/dV2 - Imaging of Lattice Impact on Superconductivity in High-Tc Superconductors (download - 7MB)
Dr. Jacob Alldredge
Understanding the electronic structure of cuprates. A local approach. (download - 42MB)
Dr. Curry Taylor
Coexistence of Bogoliubov Quasiparticles and Electronic Cluster Domains
in Lightly Hole-Doped Cuprate Superconductors (download - 11MB)
Dr. James Slezak
Atomic-Scale Impact of Unit Cell Dimensions on Pairing in a High-Temperature Superconductor (download - 76MB)
Dr. Kyle McElroy
Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Studies in both Real- and Momentum-space
of the Doping Dependence of Cuprate Electronic Structure (download - 8MB)
Dr. Joan Hoffmann
Superfluid 4He: On sinφ Josephson Weak Links and Dissipation of Third Sound (download - 5MB)
Dr. Jenny Hoffman
A Search for Alternative Electronic Order in the High Temperature Superconductor Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+δ
by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (download - 8MB)
Dr. Raymond Simmonds
Josephson Weak Links and Quantum Interference in Superfluid 3He (download - 8MB)
Dr. Kristine Lang
Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy Study of Inhomogeneity, Granularity, & Segregation
in the Electronic Structure of Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+δ (download - 41MB)
Dr. Eric Hudson
Investigating High-Tc superconductivity on the Atomic scale by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (download - 3MB)
Dr. Andrew Schecter
Third sound in the superfluid 3He (download - 2MB)